Our Beliefs

We are not divided over minor theological differences, but instead united by the essential doctrines of the Christianity. These doctrines, our beliefs, are laid out in our creed.


Our Vision

We exist to experience and express the glory of God. We strive to do that through seven key behaviors and five core values.


Our Leadership

Christian leaders are to serve those they lead in order that they may spiritually grow and use their gifts to build up the church. Our team strives for this.


In 1985 a group of people from Beaverton First Baptist Church realized there was a need for a new church in a small, but growing, city called Wilsonville. After much prayer and hard work a new church was launched, Wilsonville Baptist Church. Sam Newell was assigned the responsibility of pastoring the church. Under his guidance the small, but faithful church, was able to purchase a building.
In 1989 Dwight Huffman became the new pastor of Wilsonville Baptist Church. In the years that followed the church expanded their building. Huffman left the church for another ministry in 1995 and despite great efforts the church struggled. In that year the church was without a pastor and only had five people meeting together on a consistent basis. There was talk of giving up, but those five people, through prayer, decided to keep the vision alive and hired a new pastor. Cliff Reynolds, became the new pastor and the people continued to pray that God would do something amazing through the church that had launched half a decade earlier.

With a new pastor in place the church begin to make a great impact on the community. Many people were brought into a relationship with God. Many others were drawn back into church for the first time in a long time. God did amazing things through the church and in the church as they sought to follow the example of the early church described in the Bible. The church grew substantially during this period.

By 2003 Wilsonville Baptist had outgrown its small building and was in need of a new place to meet. During this time one of the elders of the church saw a “for sale” sign on a piece of property at the intersection of Day Road and Boone’s Ferry Road in North Wilsonville. He called the realtor and was told the property would be foreclosed on by the next week. The church moved quickly and purchased the property before the week was done.

Almost immediately after purchasing this property Wilsonville Baptist changed its name to Creekside Bible Church to reflect its future location and the fact that the majority of its people were from three cities – Wilsonville, Tualatin, and Sherwood. During this time the church sold its building and began meeting at Boeckman Creek Elementary School.

In 2004 Cliff Reynolds felt God calling him to do a new type of ministry – mentoring men. Creekside Bible Church hired its fourth pastor, Greg Miller. The years that followed were transformational for the church. During this time the church became more focused on meeting the needs of the hurting and struggling in the community. This change in heart took on practical application in the life of the church as it weekly fed homeless people residing in Baldock Rest Area, took its Vacation Bible School out of the church and into a park, supplied school supplies for those in low income housing, and did many other activities to help those in need. Along with this, the goal for the property changed from building a traditional church to building a community center that would benefit the community as a whole.

In early 2011 Greg Miller felt God calling him to pastor a church in Sequim, Washington, a place he and his wife had always loved. In April 2011 the church hired its fifth pastor, Chad Harms.

The next chapter of our story is yet to be told, but we are grateful for what God has done through us as a church and excited for what will be done next.