Besides dinners and groups, we offer other activities to connect at Creekside. Every event and gathering is open to everyone. To see all of our events, visit our events calendar page. For some highlights, scroll down.



God responds powerfully to prayer. Our lives, church, community, country, and world need God to move. Therefore, we assemble on the first Friday of every month to pray. We hope you will join us as we seek a movement of God.



We play softball together and we have a great time doing it. If you're looking for a non-threatening way to connect, come throw the ball around with us.



If you want to know about connecting in a meaningful way at Creekside, this course will help you immensely. The following explains in more detail what the course covers:

The Connection Course aims to educate people on God’s commands for their church involvement as recorded in the Bible. Many people, some who have gone to church for years, fail to recognize that God has given them responsibilities in, and for, the church they call their own. This course seeks to rectify this problem by clearly and creatively communicating God’s desire for people in a church. This course also seeks to educate people about Creekside Bible Church. It teaches people the history, theology, vision, and goals of the church. Lastly, the Connection Course seeks to show people how they can fulfill God’s commands for their church involvement within the community of Creekside Bible Church.

The Connection Course seeks to connect people to others at Creekside Bible Church. It has been designed not only to teach people about connection, but also to help people connect through discussion, games, and food. If you are new to Creekside, the Connection Course is a great event to start building friendships. This course also seeks to connect people to the leadership of the church. It is directed and taught by our pastor and is a great opportunity for people to meet and interact with those in leadership positions.

The Connection course concludes by asking people to commit to living out God’s commands for their church involvement at Creekside Bible Church.


April 17 & 24 
1:30 - 3:00
Location TBA