We believe in the one true God (Yahweh), creator of all things spaciotemporal and heavenly, known and unknown, visible and invisible. We believe in Jesus the Christ as the only begotten son of God and the very incarnation of God, who was truly born of, and wholly with, human flesh. We believe that Jesus suffered under Pontius Pilate, was brutally beaten, and mercilessly pierced and killed upon a cross for the purpose of redeeming sinful humanity. We believe that the grave could not hold our savior, for upon the third day he rose from the dead and thereafter met with his disciples and ascended into heaven. We believe that it is only through this person, Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living God, that humanity is redeemed from sin and given eternal life. We believe in the active and continuing presence of the Holy Spirit today. We affirm that all those who accept the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ and worship him as savior are indwelled by the Holy Spirit and enjoined with fellow Christians in the body of Christ, the Church universal. Moreover, we believe that the aforesaid persons, Creator, Son and Holy Spirit, are One God. Furthermore, we believe that scripture is authoritative in matters of Christian faith and living – having been inspired by the Holy Spirit and faithfully maintained over millennia. Amen.