Our Sunday morning service (we call it our “gathering”) is driven by our belief that God most clearly manifests His presence when the church meets together. Because of this belief we make three things a priority when we gather together – prayer to God, music to God, and studying the Word of God.

Every Sunday we meet to do these three things. Our prayers are honest and sincere. Our music is not directed at being contemporary or traditional, but instead on being a means in which people can fully express their love and devotion to God (whether the songs are old or new). Our preaching is biblical and relevant, with the goal of helping people know better what God wants from their lives. We are not flashy or showy, but we do our best to honor God when we come together.

At Creekside we really want to meet you and so we hope you will come find out about our gathering for yourself.

We provide childcare for ages 0-reading age, but you are more than welcome to have your children sit with you in the service.

Children who have finished Kindergarten sit with their guardians in the church service. They are provided headphones and learning packets. The headphones allow children to watch a Bible story video on an internet connected device. The packets reinforce the teachings heard on the kid’s audio through a variety of activities.

We understand that this is a different approach from most churches. The reason we approach children’s ministry this way is that we believe God most clearly manifests his presence when the church meets together. Because of this, we think it is important and valuable for children to be with their families during our services. For this reason and others (i.e. children learn by example and Scripture seemingly points towards children going to church with their families) children stay in the service with their families to sing, pray, and learn.

We believe a church should be like a family and families are not always quiet. We understand that children make noise – sometimes at the wrong time. At Creekside we have made a commitment to accept the distractions because we believe so strongly in the benefit of children staying in the church service. Our primary goal is not that children will be quiet, but that they will connect more fully to God and the Church.

This said, we ask that you, as a parent, prepare your child ahead of the service by talking to them about listening quietly when appropriate. Please note that sitting and/or playing quietly at the back of the room with parental supervision is acceptable.

Honestly, dress comfortably. Need us to be more specific? People wear everything from jeans and a t-shirts to dresses and collared shirts (check us out on Instagram).

Yes. You can listen to our Sunday sermons on this site or you can download them on iTunes.

Not at this time. It is something we are working towards being able to offer.