JOIN US SUNDAYS @ 10:00a  |  28995 SW Brown Rd. Wilsonville, OR 97070

Our Philosophy

Almost everyone knows that people in a church consistently gather together. At Creekside we gather for specific reasons and in a particular way.

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Churches can be pretty different in their approach to a gathering. At Creekside our gatherings vary from week to week, but many things stay consistent.

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Going to a church for the first time can be stressful. We all wonder how we should dress and if we’ll be asked to do something awkward. We want to make visiting Creekside as low stress as possible.

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Maybe this will make visiting easier...

We know that churches can be vastly different in styles, topics, and other stuff. We also know that these differences can make visiting stressful. Because we want to meet you so much, we desire to remove some of that stress. Try listening live online, hopefully you'll find that were not crazy.

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