What to Expect

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    First Thing

    When you walk in the door of the school you will be greeted by one of our friendly volunteers. They will hand you a tote bag, a gift to thank you for coming. In the bag you will find a welcome packet that contains information about our church that we think you will find informative and helpful.

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    Information Card

    Along with information about our church, the welcome packet also holds the information card pictured below. We hope that when you visit you will fill it out and return it to us by dropping it in the offering basket. The reason for this is that we want to be able to get in touch with you to thank you for coming, connect with you further, and invite you back. In fact, we value follow up with you so much that we want to offer you an incentive to return this card. If you return a filled out card we will give you a $5 Starbucks card. Don’t like coffee? We will donate the $5 to Wilsonville High School or the Wilsonville Public Library – your choice. To receive the Starbucks card, drop the information card in the offering basket when it is passed (make sure to have your address on it so we can send you the Starbucks card) or hand it to a greeter on your way out (they will hand you the $5 Starbucks card).

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    Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

    Once your in the door, we recommend grabbing some coffee. We provide HOPE Coffee, a Honduran roaster that gives all profits to local churches. If coffee isn’t your thing we also provide tea, hot chocolate, and apple cider. Please grab some, we make it for you.

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    The Service

    Once we start the service, things will go like this…

    One of our leaders will welcome guests and invite everyone to greet each other.

    Lead by our band, we will sing a few songs to God.

    Most Sundays we ask people to raise a rock (physical), paper (financial), or scissors (relationa) to represent the type of prayer we need. Then everyone is invited to pray for those around them.

    Some Sundays people are invited to pray for those outside our church (i.e. foster children, victims of violence, or missionaries).

    After a short video summarizing our current sermon series, someone will teach the Bible.

    Everyone is invited to partake of the biblical custom called Communion (or the Lord’s Supper). As we drink from the cup and eat the bread we remember and proclaim that Jesus died for our sins.

    We always hope that God impacts people during our gathering; therefore, we finish our time together by asking people to respond to God through song, commitment (through the cards in the blue bin), and offering.

Thinking of Visiting?

We would love to be able to know you are coming. Just click the button over to the right and shoot us an email.

Maybe this will make visiting easier...

We know that churches can be vastly different in styles, topics, and other stuff. We also know that these differences can make visiting stressful. Because we want to meet you so much, we desire to remove some of that stress. Try listening live online, hopefully you'll find that were not crazy.

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