Creekside Bible Church exists to experience and express God’s glory. Here’s how:

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    Thoughtful Gospel Proclamation

    We aim to tell people about Jesus in a way that is loving, kind, and impactful.

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    Personal sanctification

    We aim to move forward in our love, passion, and obedience to God.

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    Theocentric Impactful Gatherings

    We aim to have gatherings that are focused on God’s worship and eternally impact those who attend.

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    Spiritual, loving connection

    We aim to have relationships that are deep and spiritually driven.

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    Passionate, compassionate service

    We aim to serve with ferver because we care deeply about people.

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    Fervent, persevering prayer

    We aim to pray fervently, constantly, and consistently.

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    Sacrificial giving

    We aim to give at our own expense for the glory of God.


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    We aren’t complicated.

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    The Bible is our guide.

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    We do our best.

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    We keep getting better.

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    For God’s glory, not ours.


We envision a church whose people proclaim the Gospel consistently and constantly. We envision a church that baptizes people every week, at every gathering. We envision a church that helps take the Gospel to every nation. We envision a church whose people gather with an expectation that the Spirit of God will move in powerful and profound ways and that expectation is met. We see that gathering as impacting the lives of every person in attendance, causing Christians to worship passionately (in spirit and in truth), to repent of sins, to deepen in faith, and to make commitments, and causing non-Christians to recognize that “God is really among” us – this recognition often times leading them to give their lives to God through Jesus. We envision a church where all people are in deep relationships with others. These relationships being characterized not by worldly interests, but by spiritual discussion and support. We envision a church where every person who gathers with the church uses their spiritual gifts and natural abilities to passionately serve the church. This service meeting the needs of the church and the needs of the hurting and broken around us – helping widows, comforting orphans, feeding the hungry, providing water to the thirsty, being hospitable to the stranger, giving clothes to the naked, and caring for the sick. We envision a church that prays spirit-led, fervent, persevering prayers while expecting God to change the world in response to them. We envision a church whose people spend time alone with God in prayer, Bible reading, and praise, growing in their love and knowledge of God and what He has revealed to us in His Word. We envision a church that makes a dent in the Great Commission, all the while being driven by an insatiable desire to see our Lord, King, and Savior glorified as we live, and move, and find our being in Him and His presence. We envision a church that expresses God’s story and glory everywhere.