Our Mission

We believe that church was God’s intended tool to make disciples (followers) of Jesus. Therefore, making disciples is our goal. While there are many good plans and programs that have been designed to help churches do this, we believe that the Bible must be our foundation. In it we have discovered many commands made to and for the people who make up a local church. The Bible commands that the church gather, encourage, correct, be hospitable, unite, and serve. As a church we are committed to following these commands. At Creekside we think life is like a creek. It may hit a few rocks, get polluted, flood, or freeze over, but it keeps on flowing. Discipling people is, in essence, helping people cross the creek of life in a way that pleases God. In our efforts to do this and to follow the biblical commands listed above, we focus on helping people take the steps to believe, gather, connect, and serve. We call these four actions, stepping stones.


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    Be Biblical

    Our first goal is to be a church that follows the Bible. When it comes to church, just about every adjective imaginable has been used to describe what it should be and how it should operate (i.e. Purpose Driven, Irresistible, Organic, 24/7, Sticky, etc.). While some of these descriptions of church are great, at Creekside our focus is on letting one adjective define us: biblical.

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    Make Disciples

    Some of Jesus’ last words on earth were “Go and make disciples (followers of Jesus)…” After He said this, he told His disciples to wait on fulfilling this commandment until the Holy Spirit had come upon them. Fifty days later the Holy Spirit came and on that same day the first Christian church was formed (See Acts 2 in the Bible). From this we learn that the church is God’s instrument for making disciples. At Creekside we want to fulfill this God given purpose and so we strive to help people follow Jesus in all aspects of their lives.

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    Positively Impact the Community

    Jesus had one ultimate goal for His life – bringing people into relationship with God by dying for their their wrongdoings. During the three years (or so) that He did ministry before His death, He was constantly meeting the needs of those around Him. He healed the blind, helped the paralyzed walk, fed the hungry, taught those who needed wisdom, cared for the marginalized, and loved everyone. At Creekside we want to follow Jesus’ example and meet needs (physical, emotional, and spiritual) of people. We believe this is the best way for us to positively impact our community.

    One of the specific ways we hope to meet the needs of people is through development our property. We own over seven acres adjacent to I-5 and one day will build a facility that we can use to further serve the people in our area. We believe that this will be done through a multi-purpose building (a.k.a. community center) that will not only be our home, but also a home for a multitude of community resources. These resources will include a basketball court, auditorium, food pantry, youth activity room, office space, and more. The property is located at the intersection of Day Road and Boone’s Ferry Road in North Wilsonville (see below).