Welcome Boxes provide vulnerable children in a time of crisis with age appropriate, delightful things to occupy them during the vulnerable time of waiting at the DHS office. These boxes are given to children in the Tri-county area who are awaiting foster home placement, struggling with the disappointment of a birth parent not showing up, or during a transfer from one foster home to another. Welcome boxes are a tangible act of love and we would love your help in providing them.

Creating a Welcome Box Is Easy

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    Decide which age range and gender you want to make a box for.

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    Select a photo box for your Welcome Box (please no shoe boxes). Photo boxes can be found at stores like Fred Meyer, Joann Fabrics and Michael’s.

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    Fill the box with ESSENTIAL items and at least 7 EXTRA items. Click here for a handout on Welcome Boxes, including an items list.

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    Tape a handwritten note that speaks value and love over the child who will receive the box, such as YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE IMPORTANT, MADE FOR YOU WITH LOVE, YOU MATTER, etc.

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    Cut out the Welcome Box Label. Select the age and gender it’s for. Download label template or Download labels to cut out.

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    Place a rubber band around the box.

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    Drop welcome boxes off on Sunday between 11:15a-12:30p at Lowrie Primary School (where we have church) or email us at