This app has access to:

– Identity: This gives the app access to the profile data of the user. This is what lets us find a Twitter or Facebook account of the users, if they want to use those services.

– Location: This includes both the approximate, network-based location, as well as the more precise GPS-based location, if the user has activated GPS on their device.

– Phone: This is what lets users make one-touch calls through the “Contact” section.

– Photos/Media/Files: This lets you choose a file on your device to upload through the “Submit” section.

– Wifi Connection Information: This lets the application know whether there is a connection to be able to download content.

– Device ID & Call information: We use this to be able to send push notifications. We only see an internal device ID that’s attributed to every device – so there’s no way for us to be able to identify any individual users.