4.16.17 | 10a | Lowrie Primary School

We aim to make our Easter service a simple gathering that blends modern and traditional and compels people to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We will sing old and new songs, pray traditional and personal prayers, examine Scripture, and place flowers on an old and ugly cross as a visual reminder of Jesus’ resurrection and all it offers us.


After the service everyone is invited to brunch. The catered (Wilsonville Catering Company) meal will have the following menu: breakfast burritos | sausage | bacon | biscuits & gravy | roasted potatoes | fruit salad | croissants | assorted juices | coffee | tea

3.1.17 | 7p | Lowrie Primary School

Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter and comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of fasting. The practice often includes the wearing of ashes on the head – the ashes symbolizing the dust from which God made us. As the ashes are applied to a person’s forehead, the words “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return” are spoken. The day begins the liturgical season of Lent, which is a time of fasting, reflection, and preparation for Easter.

Our Ash Wednesday service will be a time of song, sermon, and quiet repentance.

4.9.17 | 10a | Lowrie Primary School

Palm Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as a crowd directed chants of “Hosanna” towards him. This moment, one traditionally referred to as the triumphant entry, was/is a beautiful declaration of Jesus as the eternal king. While the crowd would soon turn against Jesus, changing their chants to “Crucify him,” Palm Sunday still stands as a reminder of the wonderful peace Jesus brings.

Our Palm Sunday service, during our weekly Sunday gathering, will be a celebration of Jesus as the one who can bring truly bring us peace.

4.14.17 | 7p | Lowrie Primary School

Good Friday is the day the church remembers Jesus’ horrific death by crucifixion. In this remembrance, the church does not only focus on Jesus’ final breath, but all the suffering that accompanied it. Jesus was betrayed, arrested, mocked, beaten, and tortured. He went through all this for us.

Our Good Friday service will be centered around the stations of the cross – a traditional and artistic way of remembering the Passion of Christ. This centuries old tradition will be surrounded by song and reflection.

4.15.17 | Times & Locations Below

We are proud to once again partner with the Villebois Events Committee to bring you an Easter Egg Hunt. There will be lots of eggs, the Easter Bunny, and many prizes. All are invited; kids ages 0-12 can participate in the hunt. There are specific times for different age groups:

Ages 0-4 – 1:00p | Palermo Park

Ages 5-7 – 1:15p | Sofia Park

Ages 8-12 – 1:30p | Palermo Basketball Court

Note: All events are free of charge.

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