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One of the most common and important questions that is asked about God is why he, if so loving, would allow bad things to happen to good people. In the Bible, a very good and godly man named Job experiences extreme tragedy – he loses his wealth, children, and health. In the book that is named after him the question of why God would allow this to happen is pondered. In this sermon series, those ponderings are explored so that we may grapple more full with the question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people. MORE … Read More


Creekside Bible ChurchSermon Series

There are many misconceptions about what church is and what church must be. There are equally as many misconceptions about its roles and importance in the lives of people. These types of misconceptions often make church look bad, boring, or unimportant. This shouldn’t be the case. This is a sermon series about church – what God commands of it and how you should participate. Share this Post

The Disciple

Creekside Bible ChurchSermon Series

History tells us that Peter, one of Jesus’ first disciples, requested that the Romans crucify him upside down because he didn’t feel worthy to die in the same manner as Jesus. This type of love, devotion, and respect for Jesus is inspiring to all who call themselves Christians. As we explore the life of Peter in the Bible we see that this type of devotion didn’t come in an instant or even overnight. Instead, it came through a process that Jesus called being a disciple. In Peter’s success, fear, courage, and failure we can see themes of being a disciple … Read More

The Jesus Experiment

Creekside Bible ChurchSermon Series

The Jesus Experiment is an invitation for people to become like Jesus in their feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. Each week they’ll focus on a different aspect of Jesus’ life, including how he faced his fears, how he talked with God, how he overcame evil, how he helped the vulnerable and others. We will begin to discover through our sermons and the book of the same name, how Jesus felt, thought, spoke and acted in specific situations. During the week as they face a similar situation, people will examine their own feelings, thoughts, words and deeds and compare them to … Read More

Aging Welll

Creekside Bible ChurchSermon Series

The topic of aging is misunderstood. Most people mistakenly believe that aging is synonymous with getting old – purely physiological in nature. However, aging is a spiritual topic. In this series, Chad teaches on the topic of aging. Through this series listeners will learn what aging is, why it is hard, and how to do it well at every age. Share this Post

The Symbolism of the Lord’s Supper

Creekside Bible ChurchSermon Series

Communion, also known as The Lord’s Supper, is often celebrated. Despite this, it seems that many people have a very limited understanding of what it is and why they do it. This sermons is about the multi-faceted meanings of The Lord’s Supper. Share this Post


Creekside Bible ChurchSermon Series

Opinions are everywhere. In a world full of internet bloggers it is difficult to determine what is true and what is not. As Chad Harms preaches through the book of 2 Peter in the series “Vision” we begin to see ways that we can determine truth (Pete calls it “knowledge”) in a world that makes it difficult. Peter refers to these knowledge determiners in terms of eyesight or vision. This sermon series helps us discover knowledge in a dimly lit world. Share this Post


Chad HarmsSermon Series

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Have you ever wished you could experience God? Maybe you were facing a difficult decision and you desperately desired an answer from the all-knowing. Perhaps you had experienced a great tragedy and you longed for the loving embrace of the one who is love. Or maybe, you simply felt in your spirit that something was missing and you thought that God’s nearness could fill the void. For those of you who have ever wished to see, feel, or hear from God, but have been left wanting, this series is for you. This year we commemorate the week traditionally called Epiphany … Read More