Creekside Bible Church has an app. The app provides rich content and allows users to connect with the church in new ways.

We believe that church was God’s intended tool to make disciples (followers) of Jesus. Therefore, making disciples is our goal. At Creekside we think life is like a creek. It may hit a few rocks, get polluted, flood, or freeze over, but it keeps on flowing. Discipling people is, in essence, helping people cross the creek of life in a way that pleases God. In our effort to do this we focus on helping people take the steps to believe, gather, connect, and serve. This app has been created to help you do just that.

– Listen to archived sermons.
– Listen to live services.
– Read blog posts.
– Watch promo, announcement, and sermon series videos.
– See event pictures.
– Quickly see upcoming church events.
– Share your thoughts, images, and videos from events.
– Access YouVersion Events to make sermons more interactive.
– View Creekside’s social media content (no need for an account).
– Sign up for programs, potlucks, and publications.
– Save content for offline consumption.