Church’s Chicken and Other Stuff (part 2)

Disclaimer: 1) I believe that Christians (along with all other Americans) should vote. 2) I think it is awesome when Christians run for a political office. 3) I think all political issues should be considered through a biblical point of view. Abraham Lincoln (image) The first result of my Google image search of “church” returned a picture of…a…church. This was not nearly as surprising as discovering Church’s Chicken. But, my curious mind wondered why this particular church had made its way to the top of Google. I clicked on the image and after seeing a larger version of it, the first … Read More

Church’s Chicken and Other Stuff (part 1)

Pop quiz: Based on the title, how did I choose the content of this blog post? A) Spent time stressing about what to write about in my FIRST blog post. B) Googled “what to write in your first blog post.” C) Found an article that suggested starting a post with a pop quiz. D) Stressed some more about what to write in my first blog post. E) Decided to google “church” (since “church” is what this blog is mostly about). F) Based the content of this post on the first google results that searching “church” gave me. G) All of … Read More

My Blog is Coming

My blog is coming. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time (years). I’ve been feeling like I need to do it for a while (months). I just haven’t done it. Sure, I tried once, but it didn’t last – three articles in a year. And so, this week, I will start writing. Actually, I should say, “I’ll start blogging” because, on some occasions I will post audio or video (vlogging?). I have a lofty goal. I want to post 52 blog entries by the end of the year. Yes, that is one for each week in the year. … Read More


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Have you ever wished you could experience God? Maybe you were facing a difficult decision and you desperately desired an answer from the all-knowing. Perhaps you had experienced a great tragedy and you longed for the loving embrace of the one who is love. Or maybe, you simply felt in your spirit that something was missing and you thought that God’s nearness could fill the void. For those of you who have ever wished to see, feel, or hear from God, but have been left wanting, this series is for you.

This year we commemorate the week traditionally called Epiphany by examining the biblical concept of seeking an appearance or manifestation of God. What we will see is that God’s presence is best found when waiting for him.