Ages 2 - Kindergarten

Our Sunday morning goal with kids ages 2-Kindergarten is to lay a biblical foundation. We hope that they will learn the Bible, learn to love the Bible, and learn to live about the Bible. The following information will help you get acquainted with the curriculum we use to make this happen.

The Curriculum

The Bible App for Kids Curriculum brings all the elements your preschoolers love best—like songs, animated characters, and an interactive host—together in a two-year curriculum designed to work in tandem with the stories in Bible App for Kids.

At Church / At Home

In addition to in-church lessons that follow the Bible App for Kids animated stories, preschoolers and their parents can also watch lessons and memorize verses at home in the corresponding Bible App for Kids chapters. Visit to download the app.

Repetition – Learning

During early childhood, kids can learn relevant Bible truths. Our curriculum is 24 months and teaches engaging Bible stories that transfer to true life application. The kids watch one video for four weeks with different activities each week.

There’s an App

The Bible App for Kids has been downloaded more than three million time. Our curriculum is designed to connect with this app. As kids use the app during the week, they’re reinforcing what they learn in church. The Bible App for Kids Curriculum is a full-circle learning plan for the littlest members of your church.

Grades 1 - 4

Children who have finished Kindergarten sit with their guardians in the church service. They are provided headphones and learning packets. The headphones allow children to watch a Bible story video on an internet connected device. The packets reinforce the teachings heard on the kid’s audio through a variety of activities.

We understand that this is a different approach from most churches. The reason we approach children’s ministry this way is that we believe God most clearly manifests his presence when the church meets together. Because of this, we think it is important and valuable for children to be with their families during our services. For this reason and others (i.e. children learn by example and Scripture seemingly points towards children going to church with their families) children stay in the service with their families to sing, pray, and learn.

The Curriculum

In our Konnect curriculum, kids won’t want to miss a single episode about the Konnect Space Station. They’ll have a great time as they watch the crew learn about God and themselves as they grow in their relationship with Jesus. Watch out! We bet you’ll find that the kids are learning too.