Circle roles are one we help people in our church learn to have spiritual conversations with one another. They are the driving force behind the collaboration that takes place in our Connect Groups.


Your job is to artistically illustrate the passage. You can create a comic strip that shows the plot, meaning, or main idea of this passage or section and write a caption describing the action below each drawing. Or, you can get really creative: Paint, write a poem, make a video, build a model, etc. Be ready to explain it to the group.


Your Job is to write at least five questions that you could discuss or debate with your group. Please do not write questions with yes/no or short answers. Examples:

Why do you think God _____________________ this?

If _____________________happened to you, how would you react?

What will happen if ________________________?


Your job is to choose words from the passage or section and complete the following:

1. Record the verse or page # where you found the word.

2. Write a dictionary definition for the word (Greek meaning if you can).

3. Describe how a better understanding of the word leads to a better understanding of the passage or section.


Your job is to select verses or sentences for this passage or section that your group can re-read and discuss on your meeting day. If you are reading from a book besides the Bible, please record the page number and the paragraph where it is located. Also, explain, in detail, why you chose these verses or sentences. You might select passages based on:

1. How they made you feel

2. How it explained or described something well

3. How a character changed or stood out

4. What lesson was learned


Your job is to write a reflection of the passage or section that describes what this passage makes you feel and why. Please do not write single words, but try to put down as deep of thoughts as you feel comfortable sharing. You could include:

1. “It makes me feel sad because, so many people ignore this.”

2. “It inspires me because I want to live more like this.”

3. “It made me feel bored because, I didn’t understand it.”


Your job is to relate your passage or section to the outside world. Relate the passage or section to:

1. An experience that has happened to you personally.

2. Something you have read, seen on TV, in a movie, etc.

3. Something that is going on in the world.

Describe both the passage or story’s main idea what you are relating it to. Show similarities or differences. Remember—details. Use the back of the worksheet if more space is needed.