Palm Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem. However, Jesus entry into the city where he would die was not itself an event of pure celebration. Some cheered, but some feared and others jeered. So why do we celebrate? Perhaps it is because Jesus entry into Jerusalem signaled the ultimate triumph – it signaled a future day when there will be no more tears.

Our Palm Sunday service, during our weekly Sunday gathering, will be a celebration of Jesus as the one who will wipe away all our tears, bringing a day with no more pain, sorrow, or suffering.

Palm Sunday Service

Good Friday is the day that the church remembers Jesus’ horrific death by torture and crucifixion. In that moment His suffering was not physical, but also emotional and spiritual. His whole being was in agony. Then, the moment Jesus breathed his least breath it was noon and the world went dark. Peace, joy, and hope seemingly disappeared…but not forever.

Our Good Friday service will be centered around communion, which is the ritual that Jesus gave for memorializing his death. The taking of communion will be surrounded by songs and a small sermon that will aim to help people reflect deeply on the darkness of Jesus’ death.

Good Friday Service

We aim to make our Easter service a simple blend of modern and traditional that compels people to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We will sing old and new songs, pray traditional and personal prayers, examine Scripture, take communion, and place flowers on an old and ugly cross as a reminder of the beauty of life restored.

After the service everyone is invited to brunch. The catered meal will have the following menu: breakfast burritos | sliced ham | bacon | biscuits & gravy | red potatoes | fruit salad | croissants | assorted juices | coffee | tea

Easter Service

Note: All events are free of charge.