Facing Fear! Trusting God!

VBS, Wilsonville, church, Colossal Coaster
VBS, Wilsonville, church, Colossal Coaster
Too often people live insignificant lives. A majority of humanity lives only for their own sustenance and satisfaction. This either either causes or comes from lives that are fear filled, worry driven, and timid. Christians do not seem to be immune to this type of attitude. They often live scared and it prevents them from accomplishing their God given purposes. The Bible shows something different. It shows that Christians shouldn’t be living only to stay alive and be comfortable, but rather should be living to change the world for the glory of God. Moreover, the Bible shows us that Christians should not just be attempting to change the world, but have the ability to do so through their relationship with God. Jesus himself declares that his followers “will do will do the works [he has] been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…” This sermon, which focuses on the theme verse for Creekside Bible Church’s 2013 VBS, will help you know how you can live your life facing fear and trusting God.



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