7 Sins Sermons

Every year for seven years we did a sermon series on the 7 Deadly Sins. These are those series.
Featured image for “The Lustful Prude”
Lust is a desire for something forbidden that dishonors God and disregards object. Like several of the seven deadly sins, it can seem harmless. This series of sermons is about why it is so dangerous and how we can stop doing it.
Featured image for “The Prideful Loser”
Pride is often called the greatest sin. It has been linked to the revolt of satan and the fall of man and has been called the source of all other sin. Pride is more than a theoretical problem though, it is something that stands between us and God. These sermons on pride aim to help people understand what it is, why it is spiritually significant, and how they can overcome it.
Featured image for “Quiet Wrath”
Wrath. We’ve felt it. We’ve experienced it. We know its dangers and have felt its pain. Yet, we often don’t know how to deal with it. This series of sermons will further define it, teach why we ought to avoid it and offer solutions on how to get rid of it.
Featured image for “Rich and Envious”
The sin of envy has become an afterthought. The word evoking images of massage therapy, cologne, or the color green more than any spiritual realities. Perhaps this is because it seems such a minor offense compared to other evils. But what if that evil is rooted in envy? And furthermore, what if envy is what stands between you and happiness? This series of sermons on envy will define it, teach why we ought to avoid it and offers a solution to get rid of it.
Featured image for “Broke and Greedy”
English psychiatrist and philosopher Eric Fromm said, “Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.” Most people feel a constant desire for more; most people never feel like they have enough. Despite this, almost nobody recognizes themselves themselves as greedy. These sermons on greed aim to help people understand what greed is, why it is spiritually significant, and how they can overcome it.
Featured image for “The Busy Sluggard”
Busy, busy, busy. It seems like everyone is busy. At the same time, everyone wants to do more: I wish I had more time to spend with my family. I should read more. This year, I will exercise more. In this series of sermons on laziness (a sequel to The Skinny Glutton) you will learn why busyness is not the opposite of laziness, why you might be a busy sluggard (It probably isn’t that you do too little), and how you can overcome the problem of having too much to do, with too little time to do it.
Featured image for “The Skinny Glutton”
Ancient Christian Theologian and author, John Cassian, said, “We cannot enter the battle of the inner man unless we have been set free from the vice of gluttony.” Cassian’s sentiment has been echoed throughout history. In our modern world the sin of gluttony is rarely spoken of, being replaced by words about the disease of obesity. But, as this sermon series will show, gluttony is not synonymous with obesity. Instead, “gluttony is not considering our relationship with God when making decisions about the food we eat” Can this really be a sin? If so, why? Does this really have adverse affects? If so, what are they? This sermon series defines gluttony, teaches why it is a sin, and shows its deadly affects.