Christmas Sermons

Every year we preach a series of sermons during the Christmas season. These are those series.
Featured image for “The Baby and The Dragon”
With the birth of Jesus came an offer of salvation, power, and triumph. In this, all believers can rejoice…no matter what Satan tries to do. This is a Christmas sermon on the baby and the dragon in the book of Revelation.
Featured image for “The Gift”
At Christmas you are surrounded by gifts. These gifts have the power to make you happy for a short time. The Bible tells of a gift that overflows to many people and has the power to change your life forever. These Christmas sermons are about why the gift is so good and how you can have it.
Featured image for “Mary’s Song”
Christmas is stressful for everyone, but consider Jesus’ mother. Mary was a young girl who was engaged to be married. An angel told her she was pregnant, despite her being a virgin. It was a miraculous conception, but nobody would believe that. While we worry about our in-laws coming over, she worried her fiancé would leave her, family reject her, and society scorn her. Yet, the story of her pregnancy includes a song of celebration—a song called The Magnificat. The truths that compelled her to worship in the hard months of pregnancy can, and should, compel us to worship this Christmas…and every Christmas. These are lessons from The Magnificat.
Featured image for “Messiah”
Before the lights, tinsel, trees, and wreathes, Christmas was the celebration of Jesus’ birth. At the heart of it all is a birth story with familiar details – a genealogy, a virgin, a carpenter, an angel, a name, a prophecy, and a baby. And these details all point to one thing: Jesus is Messiah. This series of sermons explains how the details of Jesus’ birth point to him being Messiah and why him being Messiah matters.
Featured image for “Gloria”
Throughout history God has revealed his glory in a variety of ways. Through his creative work, visual manifestations, miraculous acts, and thundering voice, God has made his greatness known. The best manifestation of God’s glory did not come booming or bright though, instead he was born and laid in a manger.
Featured image for “Light: Illuminating Christmas”
The holidays are full of lights. Sometimes those lights, and all they represent, distract us from the true light of Christmas. This series explores the deep truths of Jesus’ birth, hoping that for all, the Light of the World will be the one illuminating Christmas.
Featured image for “Simply Christmas”
“She gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger…” With these simple words the Bible announced the birth of Jesus. Surrounding this announcement are incredible scenes with beautiful messages that transcend time and place. 2,000 years later the true value of these messages is sometimes lost. It is covered and cluttered by tradition and addition. This series is about returning to the primary purposes of Jesus’ birth narrative. It’s about reaching back in time to remember the true importance of the birth of him who we celebrate. It’s simply Christmas.
Featured image for “Christmas Matters”
The Christmas season is a time of year when the birth of Jesus is supposed to be celebrated. Instead, the focus shifts to the food, family, parties, music, decorations, and presents. Why is this the case? Perhaps it is because people do not see the importance of Jesus’ birth. They understand the value of parties and presents, but question the importance of the birth of a child who lived over 2,000 years ago. This series seeks to show that the birth of Jesus matters – Christmas matters.
Featured image for “Christmas According to Angels”
This is a study of the birth of Jesus, the Christmas story, through the voices of a group that is particularly special to the story – the angels. Many know that the angels proclaimed the birth of Jesus, but few remember the what they proclaimed about his birth. In this study we are reminded of why the birth of Jesus was so significant. In being so reminded, our minds and hearts are drawn back to the only real reason to celebrate Christmas – the birth of Jesus.
Featured image for “Present”
Every year during the Christmas season the message from pastors and churches is the same: Make this Christmas about Jesus. But, no matter how cute the cliche – think “Jesus is the reason for the season” or “Keep Christ in Christmas” – doing so proves difficult or unimportant to almost everyone. Between the cooking, decorating, shopping, and family gatherings, little time or energy is left for Jesus. Besides, what does it even mean to make Christmas about a baby that lived almost 2,000 years ago? In the story of the magi (also known as “three kings” or “wise men”) we discover the true value of Christmas and find compelling reasons and tangible ways we can absolutely make this Christmas about Jesus.