Church Sermons

As a church, we think it is important to know what God has said about church. These are sermons are on the Bible's teachings about church.
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Like the wind, years fly by in an ever-changing and unpredictable way. As they do, all of our moments – good and bad – are tainted how fleeting life is. Anytime can be the last time. This sermon offers a biblical response to the temporary and capricious nature of life.
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The results of church done wrong are often the exact opposite of what God intended: Division instead of unity, hurt instead of healing, isolation instead of connection, and people being pushed further from God instead of being brought nearer. It is important that we do church right. This is a series of sermons on doing church God’s way in Romans 14-16.
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“Everything we experience right now is very small compared to God and His glory that He gives to us”
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Most often we think of church in terms of what we get out of it. We regard the church as something built for us. The book of Ephesians teaches something different. It explains that the church should be built on, centered around, and exist for Jesus; it teaches that it is His.
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The key question a church asks determines the direction they go. Too many churches are asking the wrong question: What have we always done? What are the cool churches doing? What will make us grow? The right question is very different; it is much more glorious. This sermon offers the key question every church should ask and gives insight into how Creekside is answering it.
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The secret to an incredible church doesn’t lie in better programs, more expensive technology, or perfectly adapting the newest church model. Instead, it lies in the people in a church doing what God has called them to do. 100 times the New Testament uses the phrase “one another” to describe how people in a church should act and interact. In these “one another” statements we begin to see what we can do to make our churches better. This series of sermons is on six of those statements and how we can live them out today.
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The New Testament book called Acts contains the story of the early church. While it is often romanticized, the story isn’t one of perfection. Instead, it contains sin, controversy, and strife. Despite it all, the early thrived. Crucial to this success was a key attribute that the modern church must duplicate if it is going to thrive. The early church was filled.
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Almost everyone has an opinion about what church is and how it should be done. The goal of this series is to help people understand Jesus’ thoughts and feelings about church by examining his admonishment, as recorded in Revelation 2-3, to seven 1st century churches.
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Many go to church, few understand it. The good news is that the Bible offers us beautiful and understandable descriptions of the church in the form of metaphor. “Church As…” reveals four metaphors for church used in the Bible (primarily in the book of Ephesians) and teaches what they mean, why they are important, and how they impact our involvement.
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There are many misconceptions about what church is and what church must be. There are equally as many misconceptions about its roles and importance in the lives of people. These types of misconceptions often make church look bad, boring, or unimportant. This shouldn’t be the case. This is a sermon series about church – what God commands of it and how you should participate.