Mud and Sin

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In reading a Bible study, I had a vision come to mind regarding sin. As a child, we often found ourselves playing in the dirt even when it was moist and became mud. And the mud pretty much covered us from head to toe. We thought it was fun to play – making mud pies, building roads with our trucks and shovels, and splashing in the mud puddles. At the end of our play time we would come to the back door of the house where our moms wouldn’t allow us back into the house without cleaning the mud off our clothes and ourselves. She would come to the back door with a wet wash rag and wipe our faces, our hands and arms, and tell us to take off our muddy shoes, go straight to the bathroom, remove our clothes and either take a shower or a bath. And, we would obediently go off as we were told.

Today, as adults, we have played in a different kind of mud. That mud is commonly called sin. At the time we were playing in sin it had an appeal for us. But, like mud, it was dirty and stuck to everything.

When we came to our senses, we discovered how filthy we had become and we wanted to go home! Like the story of the son who squandered his inheritance to the point of starvation and was reduced to slopping pigs in a pig sty, we came to our senses and returned home with the hope we would be accepted by our Father. And, by His grace and love, he washed our sins away through the blood of Jesus upon the cross. How wonderful it is to have a God so loving, so full of grace and so forgiving. In the prodigal son, the father was watching out for the return of his wayward son. Not just on occasion, but constantly. And, when he saw his son in the distance, he didn’t stand by sternly waiting to punish, but ran out to meet his son all covered in the mud of sin. He celebrated that his son had returned to his loving arms. God, too, is watching out for his children to come out of the mud of sin and return to Him. He will wash us, accept us as heirs, and celebrate that which was lost and became found. This is humbling for all those who realize their sinful ways, put them aside, and return to rejoice in the cleansing of Jesus.

Is it time for you to come out of the mud?

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