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Church Music 6/23/13

This week we begin a new sermon series, but my mind is still pondering the topic of church as it has been covered over the last five weeks. When you truly stop to process church as bride, temple, family, and body, it reminds us of what a wonderful gift God has given us (In 2 John, the passage Chad is preaching on this week, the importance of church comes forth once again). With this in mind, I felt that it was appropriate for us to continue our celebration of God for this gift. For this reason I picked songs in our set that are a proclamation of our craving for God’s presence and movement in our family as we come together. I hope that it is our hope and expectation that God’s spirit will manifest itself powerfully as we assemble. We must remember that this isn’t because of our worthiness or our works, but because of Christ’s love for us.  I encourage all my brothers and sisters, our church and The Church, to remember His amazing love for us and to make it your example for how you relate to one another. I hope that our song set will lead you to thank God for the gift of church, praise Him for His love for us, and remind you that you have been called to present truth and love to the world.

What do you think?