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Church Music 4/21/13

As we plan and prepare for church services we often start be reading the passage and then we pray, seeking the Lord’s direction. Sometimes his guidance seems to come quickly and clearly. After five minutes it seems pretty obvious that God has given us a clear direction; other times God’s leading is far less than clear. When this happens services sometimes end up going in a direction that we never would have expected. This sunday fits into the latter category of service prepearation.
As we pick songs our focus is always on the main theme of the Sunday, but this doesn’t mean that the songs always end up being strictly about that topic. This week our overall theme is faith and belief in God answering our prayers. This is a pretty straight forward topic (unlike gluttony) and normally would result in picking songs about faith or belief. But as I prayed, certain songs kept coming to my mind that didn’t seem to fit this theme or the sermon. So, I asked the Lord why he might want us to do these songs when they didn’t really fit.. He has placed an answer to this question on my heart. When we pray for things that have little affect on us, it is pretty easy to say “I believe” because there isn’t much at stake. But, in those times of pain and confusion when our world seems to be crumbling around us, we truly begin to see where our faith stands. Do we walk away from God doubting His love and provision? Do we resort to trying to solve our problems by ourselves? Or, do we fall to our knees crying out for God to save us? This Sunday is a proclamation that even when life is hard, evil seems to be prevailing, and we feel like we have no hope, God is still our healer, protector, provider, and savior. I hope that you will join us Sunday ready to proclaim this with your voice.
Through Him, with Him, for Him,

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