[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]A[/bra_dropcaps]s a church we primarily serve three cities – Sherwood, Tualatin, and Wilsonville (the three are adjacent to each other). If you are new to this area then, welcome! We love these cities and think they are some of the best. They are all community oriented, provide many free and fun activities, have awesome schools, and more. We think that you will soon love the area too. The links below will help you get acclimated quicker. We hope they help you.

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City of Sherwood – Did you know that Sherwood’s main industry used to be a brickyard? No? Well that is because you have not been to the City of Sherwood website. The city’s site will provide you with information on everything from the cities history to how utility billing works.

Sherwood Public Library – Our local libraries our fantastic. Not only do they provide lots of books, movies, and music to borrow, but they offer lots of other activities for the community.

Sherwood Chamber of Commerce – The site provides some pertinent information for people interested in the city.

Sherwood YMCA – The Sherwood YMCA is awesome. It provides a place for people to lift weights, swim, run, and just play. The price for people who live in Sherwood is amazingly affordable. On top of that they provide other services to the such as, financial assistance.

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City of Tualatin –  This site seemingly has it all. It contains information about the parks, events, library, and more. Specifically check out their about Tualatin page. We think you will find it informative.

Tualatin Chamber of Commerce – The Tualatin Chamber of Commerce provides lots of information. Their visitors page offers information that will be helpful to anyone new to the city.

Trimet: Bus Line 96 – You probably noticed, but in case you didn’t, Tualatin has a train that runs through it. This train is actually part of the metro area’s mass transportation system. It will take you right to Portland if you need to go.

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City of Wilsonville – This is a great place to start. It will give you all the facts about Wilsonville you need.

Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce – This site provides information on the local businesses, attractions, and events.

Wilsonville Public Library – Like we said, our local libraries are fantastic. On top of being a place that offers stuff to borrow and activities, the Wilsonville Library does a great job of being a source of information and resources about living life in the city. They are also a great source of information about the happenings of the city. Check out their community links page for more helpful links.

SMART Bus – Wilsonville is one of the easiest cities to get around in for free. The SMART (South Metro Area Rapid Transit) Bus takes people just about everywhere in Wilsonville (Again, for free). Need to go Salem or Portland, it will help you get there for cheap.



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