Palm Sunday

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March 29 | 9:45a

The Palm Sunday story is well known: Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey as thousands of people lay their coats and palm branches at his feet while shouting, “Hosanna. Hosanna.” What is sometimes forgotten is the miracle that proceeded this event, a miracles that contributed greatly to the size of the crowd – Jesus raised a man named Lazarus from the dead. The miracle of resurrection has alluring power and the source of resurrection ought not be ignored.

Our Palm Sunday service, during our weekly Sunday gathering, will be a celebration of Jesus as the source of resurrection – the source of life despite death.

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Good Friday

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April 3 | 7:00p

Good Friday is the day that the church remembers Jesus’ horrific death by torture and crucifixion. This day has been labeled “good” because Jesus died for the crimes, evils, and imperfections of every person who has and/or will ever live. His suffering was not just that of physical pain, but one of emotional and  spiritual agony. In his body and spirit he paid for everything that makes humanity guilty.

Our Good Friday service will be centered around communion, which is the ritual that Jesus gave for memorializing his death. The taking of communion will be surrounded by songs and Scriptures that help people reflect deeply on the ultimate example of goodness and grace that is Jesus’ death.

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April 5 | 9:45a brunch – 11:30a

Easter is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. His coming back to life from the dead is the single most important event in human history. It not only changed the lives of people who knew him while he walked the earth, but it changed the course of humanity forever. 2,000 years later, Jesus’ resurrection is still providing hope to all who believe he rose. This is why we celebrate Easter; this is why we invite you to celebrate Easter with us.


We aim to make our Easter service a simple blend of modern and traditional that compels people to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We will sing old and new songs, pray traditional and personal prayers, examine Scripture, take communion, and place flowers on an old and ugly cross as a reminder of the beauty of life restored.

This year on Easter, we will begin the sermon series If: Hopes that Hang on If Jesus Rose


After the service everyone is invited to brunch. The catered meal will have the following menu:

Assorted Quiches | Sliced Ham | Bacon | Biscuits & Gravy | Red Potatoes | Fruit Salad | Croissants | Assorted juices | Coffee | Tea


All events are free of charge and will take place at our regular meeting place, Lowrie Primary School.

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