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Facing Giants…Honoring God

As she opened the door and looked into the distressed faces of the two men, her knees weakened and her stomach knotted. Indeed, the news was not good, her husband had just been killed in a tragic logging accident.

She was a city girl who had moved to the rural foothills of the Cascades, 100 miles away from her parents, to live with her new husband. Now, after three years of marriage, this young couple in their mid 20s, was barely making ends meet on their little farm so he got a job as a logger. Now, she was alone with her two children, a toddler and a new baby. Giants come in many forms.

Being the daughter of a Nazarene pastor, and one of nine children, she had a strong faith in God and knew He would take care of her and her little family. Just as Pastor Chad told us about David:, she had courage; she drew on her past experience; she remembered how God had protected her in the past; she gave God the victory. Her friends at the little Baptist church she attended, as well as others in the community, were very supportive. As a Christian, she knew she had eternity to look forward to—she believed it, focused on it and acted on it.

Reflecting on all my mother went through and seeing how she handled the many “giants” that came into our lives I am so thankful for her faith and courage that permeated our family then and has continued on as a part of the families of both my sister and I. When the church doors were open, we were there. When someone needed help, even though she did not have much, she would find a way for us to help. As I look back, I am convinced that her passion was to honor God and He found ways for her to do all she did so God would be glorified.

My mother knew God’s plan provided love which took her punishment so she could be with Him, Jesus died in her place. She made sure my sister and I knew this too. In fact, God gave her many opportunities over many years to be an example, to teach and be a personal mentor.

So, no matter what the giants in your life are: marriage, personal relationships, finances, addictions, serving in church, your job–look at God’s story. Make it your passion to honor God.

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