The Trap of Friendliness

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Yesterday afternoon as I was walking in the Pearl District when I was approached by a man from Green Peace. I could tell he wanted to tell me about his cause so I pretended not to see him. It didn’t work and he quickly said, “I only need a minute.” I let him know that I was in a hurry, thinking that this would free me from listening to his pitch. It didn’t work. “I’ll walk with you, if it’s ok” he responded without hesitation. We walked up the street together and he began to tell me about Green Peace. When he said … Read More

Rejoice With Me!

Christmas day has taken on a new meaning for our family, for it was on Christmas morning three years ago that Jesus decided it was time for our daughter to join Him in heaven. Frankly, if Jesus had asked for my two cents worth about this part of His plan I would have likely given Him a piece of my mind I could not afford to lose. But God is gracious, He could have easily called home both our children within 30 days that year as a result of medical issues. We are so thankful He left our son with … Read More

God Does Not Stay Dead – The Doctrine of Resurrection (Part 1)

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It was a hot summer day in Ramona, California, a dead-end, desert town in the San Diego region. The dry heat radiated off the unbearable asphalt in visible waves. I was 7 or 8, walking with my best friend Taylor, to his house from mine. His parents were gone but his dog was in the backyard and we were going to pay him a visit. When we pushed past the gate at the side of his house and made our way to the back, what confronted us was far and beyond what we could ever have expected…