Holy Week

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Palm Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. However, Jesus’ entry into the city where he would die was not itself an event of pure celebration. Some cheered, but some feared and others jeered. So why do we celebrate? Perhaps it is because Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem signaled the ultimate triumph – it signaled a future day when there will be no more tears.

Good Friday is the day that the church remembers Jesus’ horrific death by torture and crucifixion. In that moment His suffering was not just that of physical pain, but one of emotional and spiritual agony. The moment Jesus breathed his least breath it was noon and the world went dark. Peace, joy, and hope seemingly disappeared…but not forever.

When Jesus died his friends and followers had a natural reaction – they mourned. They had lost a friend, and even more, they had lost the person they found their hope in. But three days after Jesus’ death, he rose again. His friends tears turned to laughter, their fears turned to excitement, and their sadness turned to happiness; they overflowed with joy. The good news is that Jesus’ resurrection can make us overjoyed.