Jesus Sermons

These are sermons about the works, words, and nature of Jesus.
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What was it like to meet Jesus? The book of John gives us a glimpse through stories of people encountering Jesus for the first time. This is a series of sermons on people’s first impressions of Jesus and how he should impress you too.
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People usually think of others based on what they do, not who they are. This is almost always true when people consider Jesus. It is important to know what Jesus has done, but it is also important to understand who he is. These are sermons on the nature of Jesus.
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Lately life has shown itself to be unpredictable and dangerous. Like sea billows, crises have pummeled people. Many feel confused, scared, and even angry. In times like these, faith must be the anchor our souls. This is a series of sermons on stories of faith during hard times and the results of believing God.
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As Jesus hung on a cross dying, bleeding out, every breath moving him one breath closer to his last, he made seven statements. These words teach us a lot about Jesus—his sacrifice and love for people. This is a series of sermons on the seven sayings of Jesus from the cross.
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Christmas is stressful for everyone, but consider Jesus’ mother. Mary was a young girl who was engaged to be married. An angel told her she was pregnant, despite her being a virgin. It was a miraculous conception, but nobody would believe that. While we worry about our in-laws coming over, she worried her fiancé would leave her, family reject her, and society scorn her. Yet, the story of her pregnancy includes a song of celebration—a song called The Magnificat. The truths that compelled her to worship in the hard months of pregnancy can, and should, compel us to worship this Christmas…and every Christmas. These are lessons from The Magnificat.
Featured image for “Sermon On The Mount (Chapter 6)”
Jesus’ longest recorded sermon, and most influential, is traditionally called The Sermon the Mount. The sermon is full of famous proclamations, phrases that are often memorized or hung on walls. But why are these words important 2,000 years later? This series of sermons is about The Sermon on the Mount and why it still matters.
Featured image for “Afraid Yet Filled With Joy”
The notion that Jesus rose from the dead should give us pause. If he died and came back to life, there must be incredible implications. When we consider Jesus’ resurrection we should respond like those who first saw it—they were afraid yet filled with joy.
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How we answer certain questions will determine the direction of our lives. Who am I? What is my purpose? What happens when I die? But perhaps most life affecting is how you answer a single question about Jesus: Who is this?
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The Gospels contain lots of stories about people meeting Jesus. The recounting of these experiences show that something about Jesus’ elicited a strong reaction. People didn’t always respond to Jesus positively, but they almost always responded passionately. This series of sermons examines stories of people who had encounters with Jesus and how it changed them.
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Before the lights, tinsel, trees, and wreathes, Christmas was the celebration of Jesus’ birth. At the heart of it all is a birth story with familiar details – a genealogy, a virgin, a carpenter, an angel, a name, a prophecy, and a baby. And these details all point to one thing: Jesus is Messiah. This series of sermons explains how the details of Jesus’ birth point to him being Messiah and why him being Messiah matters.