Jesus Sermons

These are sermons about the works, words, and nature of Jesus.
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In this first person narrative sermon “Thomas” tells of meeting Jesus, witnessing his miracles, seeing him crucified, and overcoming doubt in his resurrection. Through the course of the monologue several themes emerge including religion that is unfulfilling and hurtful, disappointment with God, doubt, and the importance of belief.
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John Aikman Wallace said, “Prayer moves the hand which moves the world.” Many believe this and many more want it to be true; however, most feel like God’s hand lies inactive despite their prayers. Because of this, they give up, moving to their next request or stopping altogether. What is too often forgotten is Jesus’ teaching on the topic of prayer. Throughout the record of his life we find specific guidance on how to pray for results. This sermon series seeks to help people learn how to pray in a way that moves the hand of God by teaching about Jesus’ words on prayer.
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This sermon paints a realistic picture of the events surrounding “The Triumphal Entry” and shows that Jesus didn’t come to give us all that we want, instead to offer the salvation we need.
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Everyone decides what they deem as worthy of their time, energy, money, recommendation, and worship. In the person of Jesus we find one who is worthy of our entire lives. This series explores the amazing life of Jesus – a life full of love, kindness, passion, devotion, and ultimately, sacrifice. This life and all it accomplished for people, should compel us to believe that Jesus is WORTHY.
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The Christmas season is a time of year when the birth of Jesus is supposed to be celebrated. Instead, the focus shifts to the food, family, parties, music, decorations, and presents. Why is this the case? Perhaps it is because people do not see the importance of Jesus’ birth. They understand the value of parties and presents, but question the importance of the birth of a child who lived over 2,000 years ago. This series seeks to show that the birth of Jesus matters – Christmas matters.
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When sin entered into the world, death came with it. When death entered into the world people started focusing on making their lives on earth as good as possible. This continues in the world today. People make their decisions based on few years of life they have been given. In this sermon we see that Jesus’ resurrection conquered death and made eternal life possible. This should change people’s perspective on time and altar the decisions people make in the present.
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A Palm Sunday Sermon on Matthew 21:1-11 that teaches how Jesus did not see a distinction between Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter. He was the Coming King who set things right and offered salvation when He entered Jerusalem, when He died on a cross, and when He rose from the dead.
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The Jesus Experiment is an invitation for people to become like Jesus in their feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. Each week they’ll focus on a different aspect of Jesus’ life, including how he faced his fears, how he talked with God, how he overcame evil, how he helped the vulnerable and others. We will begin to discover through our sermons and the book of the same name, how Jesus felt, thought, spoke and acted in specific situations. During the week as they face a similar situation, people will examine their own feelings, thoughts, words and deeds and compare them to Christ’s. Next, people will ask God to conform them into the likeness of Jesus. This isn’t just a sermon series, it is a concentrated effort to become more like Jesus.
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This is a study of the birth of Jesus, the Christmas story, through the voices of a group that is particularly special to the story – the angels. Many know that the angels proclaimed the birth of Jesus, but few remember the what they proclaimed about his birth. In this study we are reminded of why the birth of Jesus was so significant. In being so reminded, our minds and hearts are drawn back to the only real reason to celebrate Christmas – the birth of Jesus.
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Every year during the Christmas season the message from pastors and churches is the same: Make this Christmas about Jesus. But, no matter how cute the cliche – think “Jesus is the reason for the season” or “Keep Christ in Christmas” – doing so proves difficult or unimportant to almost everyone. Between the cooking, decorating, shopping, and family gatherings, little time or energy is left for Jesus. Besides, what does it even mean to make Christmas about a baby that lived almost 2,000 years ago? In the story of the magi (also known as “three kings” or “wise men”) we discover the true value of Christmas and find compelling reasons and tangible ways we can absolutely make this Christmas about Jesus.