Jesus Sermons

These are sermons about the works, words, and nature of Jesus.
Featured image for “Sermon On The Mount (Chapter 6)”
Jesus’ longest recorded sermon, and most influential, is traditionally called The Sermon the Mount. The sermon is full of famous proclamations, phrases that are often memorized or hung on walls. But why are these words important 2,000 years later? This series of sermons is about The Sermon on the Mount and why it still matters.
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The notion that Jesus rose from the dead should give us pause. If he died and came back to life, there must be incredible implications. When we consider Jesus’ resurrection we should respond like those who first saw it—they were afraid yet filled with joy.
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How we answer certain questions will determine the direction of our lives. Who am I? What is my purpose? What happens when I die? But perhaps most life affecting is how you answer a single question about Jesus: Who is this?
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The Gospels contain lots of stories about people meeting Jesus. The recounting of these experiences show that something about Jesus’ elicited a strong reaction. People didn’t always respond to Jesus positively, but they almost always responded passionately. This series of sermons examines stories of people who had encounters with Jesus and how it changed them.
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Before the lights, tinsel, trees, and wreathes, Christmas was the celebration of Jesus’ birth. At the heart of it all is a birth story with familiar details – a genealogy, a virgin, a carpenter, an angel, a name, a prophecy, and a baby. And these details all point to one thing: Jesus is Messiah. This series of sermons explains how the details of Jesus’ birth point to him being Messiah and why him being Messiah matters.
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When Jesus died, the tomb was closed, and the day was gone, so too was forgiveness, peace, hope, joy and love. Three days later Jesus came back to life. This marked a new day, the first day when the darkness of consequence, turmoil, fear, sadness. and loneliness could truly be overcome. This sermon declares that no matter how bad things are, Jesus’ resurrection lets you start anew.
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Five days before Jesus was murdered he entered into Jerusalem. The records of this event contain strange details: chants of “Hosanna,” stones having the potential to praise, palm leaves, coats, and a previously unridden donkey. This event, and the details surrounding it, matter because they teach us about Jesus – the humble king and savior.
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Jesus is the most influential person to ever live. Yet, he is often disregarded, disrespected, and disdained for no good reason. For many, his name is a swear word. However, his life’s stories demand a different response. This is a series telling Jesus stories.
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The world has known many great authors. Some have penned words that changed the hearts and minds of the masses. Few have written books, poems, and lyrics that have altered history. But only one man, a man whose own story changed the world, can be called The Greatest Storyteller.
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Throughout history God has revealed his glory in a variety of ways. Through his creative work, visual manifestations, miraculous acts, and thundering voice, God has made his greatness known. The best manifestation of God’s glory did not come booming or bright though, instead he was born and laid in a manger.