Love Defined

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These days a lot of people are asking the same question, What is love? For many this questions is asked because they don’t want their baby, or anyone else, to hurt them no more…no more. Truthfully, almost everyone, at some point, has played their heart while another played their game and…it gave love a bad name. Yes, sometimes love stinks. But, some choose to ride the love roller coaster anyway. They search everywhere for this crazy thing called love. They have allowed themselves to be prisoners of love. They are addicted to love. But, deep in their soul, they know that they’ve lost that lovin’ feeling…oh that loving feeling.

But, lets return the commonly asked question, What is love? Maybe, this crazy little thing called love is not so bad after all. Maybe love seems to bite, only because we have a poor vision of love. Perhaps there is a groovy kind of love, an endless love. What if, instead of thinking we love somebody, but wanting to know for sure, we could be certain? What if, instead of musing, I want to know what love is, we could define it in tangible ways – ways that we could live out. If this were true, perhaps then, we could see the power of love.

Without Love

Love Does

Love Is...

Love Never Fails