Which Mountain?

Walking Free

Spiritual Forces of Evil

The Advocate

Spirit Realities

Spirituality is in. Across the American culture there are very few things as in vogue. People are flocking towards it in the 2000’s like they did Elvis in the 1950’s or hammer pants in the 1980’s. Everywhere you look you can see some form of spiritual expression. It shows up on TV, on the best sellers list, in movies, and through the ever increasing popularity of spiritual groups. Spirituality has busted out like the next Hunger Games movie or the new American Idol winner. It seems that people in search of spirituality are moving away from Christianity. The problem is not with the lack of spirituality involved in Christianity itself but rather that this spirituality has been sucked out of the church in America. Therefore, it has become uninteresting and uninviting to the people who are looking for a spiritual “fix.” This series of sermons examines the true spirituality of Christianity with the goal of showing people that Christianity offers more.


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