church, Pentecost, Creekside, Wilsonville

Music 5/19/13

This coming Sunday is Pentecost and in our prayers we sought God’s will on celebrating the gift of church, in regards to music, in the best way possible. As we often do, we started off our prayers by thanking God for all he has done and is doing in our church. Out of a combination of our desire to do a song set that was well known to our congregation (in order that people can focus on truly celebrating and not learning songs) and God’s leading, the order of our service is geared towards celebrating the anniversary of the church’s beginning by starting with a focus on the power, might, and everlasting greatness of the God who gave us church. After the sermon the emphasis will move towards how this everlasting greatness manifest itself most fully in the the love and mercy that was poured out on us through Jesus‘ death on our behalf.  We will end with songs of declaration that point towards our belief that God is with his church and thus, anything is possible.  This ending will bring us back to the greatness of God and points towards the impact of God’s awesomeness upon the church.

What do you think?