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Church Music 7/28/13

This Sunday Chad is preaching on giving God our best  in sacrifice and worship. These topics (sacrifice and worship), as you might have guessed, are close to my heart. It seems that too often American’s half-heartedly worship God and I’m excited to examine God’s spoken word on the topic as recorded in Malachi. Along with this though, I’m also a bit anxious because it seems that so many American Christians are so far removed from true sacrificial worship. Many consider missing a football game for church attendance a deeply sacrificial act. Many view offering a quick prayer while stuck in traffic a suitable replacement for genuine time spent interacting with God.  Many seem to believe that serving God sometimes is “good enough.” Truthfully, I take on these tendency more often then I care to admit. It is easy, in this busy culture, to  find excuses for not giving God all of ourselves. But, given that we are talking about the God of the universe –  our creator and the one who offered us salvation – I think we ought to give Him more than just a little bit of our time and energy. Just as a football coach would never accept his players giving a measly effort from his players and God, as Chad will teach us in his sermon Sunday, does not accept his children’s apathetic worship. I hope that the sermon and music will come together to cause our church to move closer to being a group of people that gives their first, their best, and their all to The Great and Awesome King (see Malachi 1:14).

The song below is less familiar to many of you. I hope you will give it a listen and come to church Sunday ready to sing it out to our God.

What do you think?


  1. That’s beautifully written Brandon. Might I inquire as to which songs we will be having the awesome privilege of worshiping The Great and Awesome King to? 🙂