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Rahab: Faith in Action

Yesterday was the first game of this year’s Major League Baseball World Series. One thing we know for sure already, the team wearing red will win. What we don’t know is if that is Red Sox red or Cardinal red. These are the two best teams in baseball this year, both with extremely talented players. From the power of David (Big Papi) Ortiz to the speed and cunning of Jacoby Ellsbury the players are picked for specific positions based on their talent and experience.

As I think about it, I am sure glad that is NOT how God picks who He is going to use for His work. Pastor Chad has done a great job pointing out the LACK of qualifications of the people that God has chosen to be on His “team.” Two weeks ago we looked at Moses. To be the leader of a nation he was a coward, a liar, a murderer and not a good speaker. Yet God chose him for one of the most important tasks in Hebrew history. God took away his excuses, bolstered his confidence, and he got the job done.

In this week’s sermon we saw that God used a woman (a lower class in those days), who was a gentile (a citizen of an enemy city), with questionable moral character (a prostitute). However, she only just heard about Israel and their God and she believed in God’s power and wanted to be on His side. This woman was Rahab. She must have been an excellent talker and negotiator. She convinced the spies she could be trusted and negotiated a deal not only to save her life but the lives of her family and anyone else she could convince about the power and majesty of Israel’s God. And then, she convinced the officials in her city that the spies had already left the city. (For good measure, she prodded them to hurry as they still may have time to catch the spies—God does have a sense of humor.)

As James points out, faith is not passive, it calls for action. I am thankful for the stories in the Bible which show that I do not have to be perfect to be used by God. God knows all about me but still wants to use me for His purposes. When I sense that God wants me to do something or talk to someone I sometimes tell God to get someone else or use a different method, especially if the task seems difficult or I don’t think I will like doing it. I have found that if I rely on God and concentrate on my faith in Him rather than on my knowledge or abilities my attitude changes and God’s purpose is achieved.

God wants a relationship with you and is willing to overlook all your faults and weaknesses. He is calling you to worship Him and work for Him. He knows all about you so your excuses are just getting in the way of your relationship with God. Put them aside and enjoy God and doing what He has called you to do.

What do you think?