Revelation Sermons

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The Bible ends with an incredible description. It describes eternity for those whom Jesus’ saves. It tells readers there will be no more evil, no more pain, no more crying, and no more death. It describes a city almost too beautiful for description. At the center of the city is God, the one who made it possible. A single phrase summaries this description, “all things new.” This is a series of sermons on the newness of eternity in the book of Revelation.
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An Easter sermon…
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As Jesus entered into Jerusalem for the last time people showered him with shouts of praise. They cried out “Blessed is the king of Israel!” This declaration was true, but not complete. In Revelation 19 we see a greater, fuller, declaration. Jesus is the “king of kings and lord of lords.” This Palm Sunday sermon, on Revelation 19:11-21, calls people to serve Jesus as king of kings.
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The second section of Revelation contains haunting symbols. Beasts, bowls, and a place called Babylon all find climax in a war (Armageddon). Surrounding the ominous illusions is a life changing message. “…the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings.” This is a series of sermons on Revelation 12-19 and how you can share in Jesus’ victory.
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With the birth of Jesus came an offer of salvation, power, and triumph. In this, all believers can rejoice…no matter what Satan tries to do. This is a Christmas sermon on the baby and the dragon in the book of Revelation.
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The Bible contains an apocalyptic book filled with signs, symbols, and similes. The book can be confusing; its meaning is often debated. At times it is violent. The colors, symbols, and names all seem to point to something, but what (or who)? This series seeks to begin to answer that question. This is a series of sermons on Revelation 4-11.
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Almost everyone has an opinion about what church is and how it should be done. The goal of this series is to help people understand Jesus’ thoughts and feelings about church by examining his admonishment, as recorded in Revelation 2-3, to seven 1st century churches.