Book Study Sermons

These sermons are taught passage by passage through a book of the Bible.
Featured image for “Beasts, Bowls & Babylon”
The second section of Revelation contains haunting symbols. Beasts, bowls, and a place called Babylon all find climax in a war (Armageddon). Surrounding the ominous illusions is a life changing message. “…the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings.” This is a series of sermons on Revelation 12-19 and how you can share in Jesus’ victory.
Featured image for “Reasons”
The reasons we work will determine whether it is fruitful and fulfilling. This sermon, on 1 Thessalonians 1:2-3, offers three reasons we should work and explains the impact they have on our work.
Featured image for “The Baby and The Dragon”
With the birth of Jesus came an offer of salvation, power, and triumph. In this, all believers can rejoice…no matter what Satan tries to do. This is a Christmas sermon on the baby and the dragon in the book of Revelation.
Featured image for “Trumpets & Seals”
The Bible contains an apocalyptic book filled with signs, symbols, and similes. The book can be confusing; its meaning is often debated. At times it is violent. The colors, symbols, and names all seem to point to something, but what (or who)? This series seeks to begin to answer that question. This is a series of sermons on Revelation 4-11.
Featured image for “Only Jesus”
There’s an infinite amount of things you can live for. You can live for health, wealth, fame, or power. Within these categories are endless choices for what to devote your self to. The best choice is to make Jesus the main character of your life. This is a series of sermons about making the purpose of your life only Jesus. 
Featured image for “My Favorite Psalm”
The Bible contains a book called Psalms. It is a collection 150 musical poems written by (at least) 8 authors. The book captures the range of human experience like no other piece of literature. There’s a Psalm for every situation. It describes joy and sadness, hope and doubt, success and failure. In the midst of the emotional expressions, the psalms point us to God. This is a series of sermons delivered by guest preachers on their favorite psalm.
Featured image for “Appearances”
John ran, Mary cried, Peter swam, Thomas worshiped, and the disciples rejoiced. The resurrection of Jesus changed history, but it also changes people. This is a series of sermons on the resurrection appearances of Jesus. Those appearances changed those who encountered him and they can change you too.
Featured image for “Only After”
Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem was a weird event. He entered the city knowing that he was going to die there. Yet, he entered the city to shouts of royalty and cries for salvation from the throng of people who gathered. Those with Jesus didn’t understand it, at least not until after he died and rose. This sermon tells the Palm Sunday sermon and how his death and resurrection make it make sense.
Featured image for “Passion”
Jesus was arrested, tried, denied, condemned, sentenced, reviled, tortured,  crucified, mocked, killed, and buried. He did it so that whoever believes in him can have eternal life. This is a series of sermons on the Passion of Jesus in the book of John.
Featured image for “Disciples”
Christians are disciples of Jesus. This means that they have chosen to follow him. How can someone do this 2,000 years after he last walked the earth? These sermons answer that question by looking at the first disciples. Their interactions with Jesus and his words about them teach us how to be disciples.