Topical Sermons

These are sermons on various topics centered around growing as a Christian.
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Courage is not the absence of fear, but the knowledge that something else is more important than cowering when fear comes. In this sermon, Matt Conniry uses poetry, humor, and story to show Christians that they ought to have courage because they live for something (someone) of the greatest importance. In doing so he challenges listeners to stand strong, not running from things that bring spiritual fear and touches on a wide variety of relevant subjects that sometimes make Christians afraid. COURAGE: LIVING FOR THAT WHICH IS IMPORTANT IMPACTED?MORE SERMONS Share this Post
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John Aikman Wallace said, “Prayer moves the hand which moves the world.” Many believe this and many more want it to be true; however, most feel like God’s hand lies inactive despite their prayers. Because of this, they give up, moving to their next request or stopping altogether. What is too often forgotten is Jesus’ teaching on the topic of prayer. Throughout the record of his life we find specific guidance on how to pray for results. This sermon series seeks to help people learn how to pray in a way that moves the hand of God by teaching about Jesus’ words on prayer.
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The topic of Heaven has become increasingly popular. One only need to look at recent best seller lists to see that people are curious about the nature of Heaven. Millions are eager to read the descriptions of Heaven penned by people who claim to have experienced it. What is sometimes forgotten is that the Bible is ripe with descriptions of Heaven, some of which were written by people who had experienced it first hand. The goal of this six week sermon series is to lay forth a biblical description of Heaven.
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People often desire God’s advice for life’s decisions: who to marry, where to live, what job to take, etc. But, is God really concerned with these things or does he just care that we follow the rules he has already given us in the Bible? This sermon seeks to answer the question, “Does God offer advice for everyday decisions?”
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The topic of aging is misunderstood. Most people mistakenly believe that aging is synonymous with getting old – purely physiological in nature. However, aging is a spiritual topic. In this series, Chad teaches on the topic of aging. Through this series listeners will learn what aging is, why it is hard, and how to do it well at every age.
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Have you ever wished you could experience God? Maybe you were facing a difficult decision and you desperately desired an answer from the all-knowing. Perhaps you had experienced a great tragedy and you longed for the loving embrace of the one who is love. Or maybe, you simply felt in your spirit that something was missing and you thought that God’s nearness could fill the void. For those of you who have ever wished to see, feel, or hear from God, but have been left wanting, this series is for you. This year we commemorate the week traditionally called Epiphany by examining the biblical concept of seeking an appearance or manifestation of God. What we will see is that God’s presence is best found when waiting for him.