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Recently God worked in a particularly beautiful and not so subtle way in my life; He has worked through the snow storm…
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Seek His Comfort in the Midst of Grief

This week we begin a series of sermon on grief – which is such a hard and yet important topic for people to think about. After all,  we have all been affected in one way or another by pain and sorrow. Whether it is someone we love dying, the betrayal of a friend, or a variety of other tragedies, we have all grieved. Along with this, we all know the feeling of doubt and uncertainty that can accompany grief – sometimes deep inside of us. The beautiful thing is that when we come through those times we can use our
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Church Music 7/28/13

This Sunday Chad is preaching on giving God our best  in sacrifice and worship. These topics (sacrifice and worship), as you might have guessed, are close to my heart. It seems that too often American’s half-heartedly worship God and I’m excited to examine God’s spoken word on the topic as recorded in Malachi. Along with this though, I’m also a bit anxious because it seems that so many American Christians are so far removed from true sacrificial worship. Many consider missing a football game for church attendance a deeply sacrificial act. Many view offering a quick prayer while stuck in traffic
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Church Music 7/14/13

2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” This is the key verse from Chad‘s sermon this week the focus of our music set will be on the confidence (strength) we can have in the Lord through the Gospel. I love this verse because it emphasis that our strength is not our own but, it comes from God. With this in mind, I think that we should celebrate that God is on our side and He is offering His power, love, and self-discipline to each of
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Church Music 7/7/13

This week we have the opportunity to hear from a visiting pastor – Bryan Bernard. Having the sermon preached by a guest offers the advantage of our church family hearing from a fresh voice and new perspective. His subject matter this week is one that every church music leader wishes the congregation they serve would more fully grasp, the immeasurable bigness of God. While the hugeness of God is something that is often talked about, it is also something that people are often numb too. Many find themselves saying the right words about this subject, but never truly finding themselves
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Church Music 6/23/13

This week we begin a new sermon series, but my mind is still pondering the topic of church as it has been covered over the last five weeks. When you truly stop to process church as bride, temple, family, and body, it reminds us of what a wonderful gift God has given us (In 2 John, the passage Chad is preaching on this week, the importance of church comes forth once again). With this in mind, I felt that it was appropriate for us to continue our celebration of God for this gift. For this reason I picked songs in
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Music 5/19/13

This coming Sunday is Pentecost and in our prayers we sought God’s will on celebrating the gift of church, in regards to music, in the best way possible. As we often do, we started off our prayers by thanking God for all he has done and is doing in our church. Out of a combination of our desire to do a song set that was well known to our congregation (in order that people can focus on truly celebrating and not learning songs) and God’s leading, the order of our service is geared towards celebrating the anniversary of the church’s beginning
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Church Music 4/21/13

As we plan and prepare for church services we often start be reading the passage and then we pray, seeking the Lord’s direction. Sometimes his guidance seems to come quickly and clearly. After five minutes it seems pretty obvious that God has given us a clear direction; other times God’s leading is far less than clear. When this happens services sometimes end up going in a direction that we never would have expected. This sunday fits into the latter category of service prepearation. As we pick songs our focus is always on the main theme of the Sunday, but this