We preach in hopes that you will learn and live more fully for the glory of God.



"How we handle our accountability, how we handle our responsibility, both publicly and privately, becomes the ultimate report."

Everyone needs a positive example to follow, even a church. The book of Acts tells the story of a church in the city of Antioch. That church makes a big impact in the first century. Over 2,000 years later they are still a model for ministry. This is a series of sermons on the church in Antioch.

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“A life that doesn’t aim to glorify God will never be fulfilling. But a life that does aim to glorify God will always be fulfilling.”
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“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” One of the most influential people ever to live wrote these words 2,000 years ago. Millions have believed them. This series on Romans 1-3:24 explains what the Gospel is and why it matters to you.
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How do we know what we know? In this sermon Matt Conniry offers an answer to this question through the life of Peter while simultaneously explaining how the transformational love of God progresses and prepares us.
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The times in which we live, and the struggles they have brought, may make it difficult to believe God is in control. In this sermon, on Isaiah 6:1-3, Dr. Charles Conniry explains that God is indeed still on his throne and offers insight into how that affects our lives.
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Lately life has shown itself to be unpredictable and dangerous. Like sea billows, crises have pummeled people. Many feel confused, scared, and even angry. In times like these, faith must be the anchor our souls. This is a series of sermons on stories of faith during hard times and the results of believing God.
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Most often we think of church in terms of what we get out of it. We regard the church as something built for us. The book of Ephesians teaches something different. It explains that the church should be built on, centered around, and exist for Jesus; it teaches that it is His.
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Peter promised he’d never forsake Jesus—he’d even die for him. But moments later, when Jesus was arrested, Peter denied even knowing him…three times. Then, he watched as Jesus was unfairly tried, mocked, beaten, whipped, tortured, and crucified. Peter wept bitterly, but no amount of tears could erase the guilt and shame. Three days later Jesus’ resurrection sent Peter running and swimming.
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There’s a moment from the life of Jesus that is celebrated every year. Jesus entered Jerusalem while throngs of people shouted praise and placed palm branches in his path. What isn’t celebrated is the events of the following morning. The celebration was over, Jesus had driven greedy people from the temple, and the religious leaders were mad. In this moment, there was no crowd, but three groups of people still came to him. This is a Palm Sunday sermon about Jesus and those people: The Blind, The Lame, and The Children.
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As Jesus hung on a cross dying, bleeding out, every breath moving him one breath closer to his last, he made seven statements. These words teach us a lot about Jesus—his sacrifice and love for people. This is a series of sermons on the seven sayings of Jesus from the cross.
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God used this man named Paul to write much of the New Testament. What he writes about prayer might surprise you. He doesn’t spend any space on what it is and only a little space on how to do it. What he wrote about prayer seems to center on a single command: Pray. This is a series of sermons on Paul’s writings about prayer—the hope is that you’ll be inspired to do it more.