We preach in hopes that you will learn and live more fully for the glory of God.


The book of 1 Samuel says something important. It says, "The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” This same book tells the story of two kings, Saul and David, with two very different hearts. This series of sermons through 1 Samuel explores those differences and tells how we can become people after God's own heart.


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“If Satan is against us and God is for us, then the best choice we have is to surrender to God’s power and the hope it brings.”
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God has invited us to grab our gloves and lace up our cleats as we realize through his ultimate playbook that he wants us to join his team, train hard, celebrate salvation, and encourage one another. This VBS Sunday sermon invites everyone to get their game on!
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The Bible is comprised of inspired letters. The shortest are called Philemon and Jude. These letters are often overlooked. Despite their neglect, they contain important and relevant truths. This is a series of sermons on the forgotten letters.
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The New Testament book called Acts contains the story of the early church. While it is often romanticized, the story isn’t one of perfection. Instead, it contains sin, controversy, and strife. Despite it all, the early thrived. Crucial to this success was a key attribute that the modern church must duplicate if it is going to thrive. The early church was filled.
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We want to be happy. At the same time we understand that happiness always fades; it is blurred and erased by fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity, cynicism, addiction, sin, and all of life’s problems. Should we give up the pursuit? No, but we should pursue something more permanent – something that cannot be taken from us and remains even in the bad times. This series, on the book of Philippians, calls us to seek, and find, joy.
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When Jesus died, the tomb was closed, and the day was gone, so too was forgiveness, peace, hope, joy and love. Three days later Jesus came back to life. This marked a new day, the first day when the darkness of consequence, turmoil, fear, sadness. and loneliness could truly be overcome. This sermon declares that no matter how bad things are, Jesus’ resurrection lets you start anew.
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Five days before Jesus was murdered he entered into Jerusalem. The records of this event contain strange details: chants of “Hosanna,” stones having the potential to praise, palm leaves, coats, and a previously unridden donkey. This event, and the details surrounding it, matter because they teach us about Jesus – the humble king and savior.
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Jesus is the most influential person to ever live. Yet, he is often disregarded, disrespected, and disdained for no good reason. For many, his name is a swear word. However, his life’s stories demand a different response. This is a series telling Jesus stories.
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Pride is often called the greatest sin. It has been linked to the revolt of satan and the fall of man and has been called the source of all other sin. Pride is more than a theoretical problem though, it is something that stands between us and God. These sermons on pride aim to help people understand what it is, why it is spiritually significant, and how they can overcome it.
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The world has known many great authors. Some have penned words that changed the hearts and minds of the masses. Few have written books, poems, and lyrics that have altered history. But only one man, a man whose own story changed the world, can be called The Greatest Storyteller.