We preach in hopes that you will learn and live more fully for the glory of God.


The book of 1 Samuel says something important. It says, "The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” This same book tells the story of two kings, Saul and David, with two very different hearts. This series of sermons through 1 Samuel explores those differences and tells how we can become people after God's own heart.


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Throughout history God has revealed his glory in a variety of ways. Through his creative work, visual manifestations, miraculous acts, and thundering voice, God has made his greatness known. The best manifestation of God’s glory did not come booming or bright though, instead he was born and laid in a manger.
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Music has a way of touching our souls that mere unmelodious words can never do. Songs speak to us and songs speak for us. Perhaps no songs have spoken so powerfully or beautifully as those we call Psalms. These musical compositions go beyond melody and rhyme – they are sacred songs.
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All of us want our lives to matter. Inside of us is a hope that what we do will have an impact, even after we’re gone. We desire a purpose that is more important than our daily routines and activities. This series explores the world-changing life of David and offers truths on how we can live a more meaningful life.
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Now, more than perhaps ever, we can’t ignore our enemies. We are bombarded with news, videos, and posts that remind us of the opposition. Navigating these treacherous waters can be difficult, but doing it well can make us stand out in culture. This series is on responding to those who are against you.
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We are bombarded with bad news. Shootings. Brutality. War. Racism. The list goes on and on and this isn’t even to mention our own personal tragedies. With all of the bad news, it is easy to feel hopeless. These sermons on the minor prophets offer reasons to hope and declare that we can be optimistic despite the bad news.
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For some Jesus’ resurrection only changes one Sunday a year – Easter. But if we believe it is true, it should change so much more. The book of Romans declares that through Jesus’ resurrection God offers a brand new life. This series explores this new life and offers reasons for why Jesus’ resurrection changes everything.
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Our lives are filled with emptiness. The complexity of life clouds our experiences. The things we hope to find fulfillment in, don’t fill us at all. 2,000 years ago two men walked a country road feeling just like we do. Then, they had an encounter with someone unexpected and for perhaps the first time, they experienced clear eyes and full hearts.
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The opposite is easy to find. Discord, turmoil, distress, fighting, frustration, and most other antonyms of peace, are all around us. Peace though, it is often illusive. This Palm Sunday sermon, about a group of people seeking peace, explains where we can find it and how we can keep it.
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We spend our lives looking for the answers to life’s questions, but maybe we’re missing what’s been right in front of us all along. Instructions that stand the test of time. Find the answer you’ve been looking for as we examine Jesus’ parables and discover the uncomplicated truth of history’s greatest genius.
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A common internet question is “Why is God so angry?” The topic of wrath leads to a plethora of questions about God. Is God different in the beginning of the Bible then the end? How can God be angry and still be loving? If God is gracious, why does He punish people? This series will answer these questions and more.